Justin Bieber denied the allegations of rape, sued the two who claimed victims of compensation of 20 million

Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Over the last week, the scandal of Justin Bieber being accused of sexually assaulted two women while he was dating Selena Gomez back in 2014-2015. Justin immediately denied and claimed that the two account names Danielle and Kadi had made false accusations, while he showed evidences to prove his innocent. His friends and his managers also helped him in the process.

Moreover, according to TMZ, Justin Bieber had previously suspected that the two accounts claiming to be “Danielle” and “Kadi” were probably created by one person, whose intention might be fame. In the end, he has decided to file a lawsuit against two individuals named Danielle and Kadi who have acted defamatory and smeared dignity.

In the legal documents he submitted, Justin Bieber “now has enough indisputable evidence” to prove the sexual assault allegations are all fake. Along with that, Justin Bieber demanded compensation of $20 million for the incident caused by those two, each story was $10 million.

The first story is from Danielle, who claimed Bieber sexually assaulted her in the Four Seasons hotel room in Austin, Texas on March 9, 2014 after a music event called SXSW. The Baby singer asserted that Danielle’s allegation was completely false because that day, although he had surprised the fans at the music event here, he did not stay at the Four Seasons Hotel. He and his girlfriend at the time – Selena Gomez – rented an apartment to rest after leaving the music event. Justin accuses Danielle of completely building up a “sexual assault” story based on reports that Justin ate a meal at the restaurant of the Four Seasons Hotel on March 10, 2014.

The second story is from Kadi. She accused Justin of sexually assaulting her at the Langham Hotel in New York at about 2:30 am on May 5th, 2015. Justin continues to give evidence that Kadi is a liar. Justin confirms that Kadi is a crazy fan and always aspires to be famous but has never met him. This girl has many tweets admitting she has never met Justin,  and all these tweets were posted AFTER the moment Kadi accused Justin of sexually assaulting her. After he attended the MET Gala on 2015, he went to a private party until 4am. Justin also went to a hot dog stand and had a witness and photo taken here. Therefore, the allegation of sexual assault at 2:30 am is completely unreasonable and fabricated.

This is the first time Justin has reacted so aggressively about false accusations. In the past, he often chose to keep silent or let his representative spoke. However, with this incident, he had responded quickly, even angry enough to bring the case to court and sue those who defame him.


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