On June 25, male singer Justin Bieber has just sued 2 women who accused him of sexual abuse. The famous voice demanded that each person pay $10 million for defamation.

A few days ago, Justin Bieber was sexually assaulted by two women in 2014 and 2015. Not only did he claim to be innocent and give concrete evidence, but the vocalist Sorry decided to investigate the incident. along with filing a lawsuit against the two “victims” above for fabricating insults to dignity and honor of the male singer. TMZ revealed that Hailey Baldwin’s husband requested a compensation of up to 20 million USD, of which, each person had to pay 10 million USD.

In the lawsuit documents that the website mentioned above, the star claims that they have “indisputable evidence” proving the allegations are blatant lies. Justin Bieber also suspected that the two accusers shook hands with him to smear the singer’s honor, not even excluding the possibility that the two Twitter accounts accusing him of being led by one person behind him.

Jusstin Bieber decided to handle the incident until the end and did not hesitate to include his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez in his explanations. PHOTO: SHUTTERSTOCK

The first person to accuse the male singer born in 1994 of sexual assault was the owner of a Twitter account named Danielle. This girl revealed that the 26-year-old singer attacked her while Justin was in Austin, Texas (USA). The case took place at the Four Seasons Hotel on 9.3.2014. However, the 26-year-old singer later publicly responded that he was not at the above location during the incident but was with Selena Gomez and a few friends at the Airbnb apartment. The owner hit What do you mean? accusing Danielle of completely building the story based on articles revealing the singer had a meal at the Four Seasons Restaurant on October 10, 2014.

Not long after, another woman named Kadi claimed to have been abused by Justin Bieber at the Langham Hotel in New York City (USA) at 2:30 am on May 5, 2015. For this allegation, the Canadian singer claimed that this girl was just one of the avid fans standing outside the hotel to meet the star. Justin Bieber insists Kadi has never met him. The second reason for the “victim” specified date and time is because she knew that Selena Gomez’s former lover attended the Met Gala that year. However, the document indicated that Justin attended the event, then attended a private party until nearly 4 in the morning. The singer claims to have enough visual evidence, witnesses to prove this and calls Kadi’s accusation an utopian, poor, fabricated and damaging story for his honor.

Earlier, Justin Bieber responded to the two allegations: “Rumors may be rumors but sexual abuse is something I cannot take lightly. I would love to speak out immediately, but because I respect the victims of daily sexual abuse, I silently gathered all the evidence before making any statements. ” . The star also asserted: “All complaints related to sexual abuse should be handled seriously”.


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