Keanu Reeves’ fans will be able to have the opportunities of their life to have a one-on-one conversation with him for a very significant cause, a charity for the children’s cancer organization in Idaho. A charity auction was made possible thanks to the collaboration of Reeves and the team behind Camp Rainbow Gold. The charity will involve a private Zoom call with Reeves, and the call will last 15 minutes. The children’s cancer organization in Idaho, which revolves around giving empowerment to kids with cancer, will receive all proceeds collected in the charity.

The auction is described with three things. First of all, Reeves’ past works such as the first two Bill and Ted movies, the first Speed movie, the Matrix trilogy, and the John Wick trilogy were highlighted, and the winner can be one of his passionate fans. Also, the description hype up that the winner will have an invaluable time with the actor from their comfort, their own home. Last but not least, the auction description reminds the bidders to prepare their questions — in case they are the winner — and go through 15 minutes with the man, the myth, and the legend himself Keanu Reeves.

Image Source: Vera Anderson / WireImage or GettyImages

By the time of this article’s publication, the top offer was $16,400. However, the number keeps on increasing. The auction closes on Monday, June 22, when one fortunate victor will get a guarantee on the definitive award to be the date with Keanu Reeves. What do you think Reeves discusses on this Zoom date? His first ever date? His profound respect for Ali Wong? His acting technique? Hopefully, all of the above. Currently, our best guess would be no further information about the fourth Matrix film; however, huge props to anyone who can turn the subject to the third Bill and Ted film (Bill and Ted: Face The Music) and its first trailer, and make the actor slips a spoiler about the film’s plot.


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