(Berlin) Keanu Reeves is happy with his girlfriend at the airport. He came here to continue filming the fourth part of “The Matrix” after a pause because of the Covid-19.

His girlfriend, Alexandra Grant is 47 years old, 8 years younger than Keanu Reeves. Her silver-white hair made her look older than her actual age. The two have known each other for 10 years, but have just officially date for about two years. Last November, Keanu publicized their relationship by holding Alexandra’s hand on the red carpet of the awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

She always accompanies Keanu Reeves in every event and she’s like his soulmate. In the past, she was often at the “John Wick” film set to support Keanu. Alexandra is described as a warm and open person, with an artist soul that is in tune with the Hollywood actor. She helped Keanu overcome the tragedies he had suffered in the past.

Neil Patrick Harris was in the same flight and will appear in “The Matrix 4”.

The movie was first filmed in January but stopped in March because Covid-19 broke out in Europe. After three months, the crew returned to Germany to continue filming.

“The Matrix 4” is scheduled to premiere on April 1st, 2022.


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