Kiki Layne makes some revelation about her involvement in the sequel film of “Coming to America” during a discussion with host Seth Meyers in his talk-show “Late Night with Seth Meyers”.

As we quietly anticipate the since quite a while ago foreseen the arrival of Eddie Murphy’s Coming to America spin-off, Kiki Layne — who is set to star close by Murphy in the film — is sharing a couple of insights concerning the film that makes them need all the more ASAP. During a meeting on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Thursday night, “The Old Guard” star prodded that her character will “kick a little ass,” and we are so prepared to witness it.

Source: PHOTO taken from a screenshot of a YouTube video belongs to “Late Night with Seth Meyers” titled “KiKi Layne Dishes on the Coming to America Sequel”. Link:

Additionally, Layne uncovered that she previously observed the film when she was around 9 years old and has been an enormous fan from that point onward, making the experience of participating in the continuation genuinely unique for her. “It’s such a work of art, and these are largely individuals that adoration that the first film, love cooperating,” she said. “Thus, you know, to have the option to observe this family gathering of sorts, and afterward to be welcome to be a piece of that family, it’s uncommon, it’s so unique.”

“Coming 2 America” will get a theatrical release on August 7 and will star a portion of the first cast, including Arsenio Hall and James Earl Jones. On the off chance that Layne’s character is anything to pass by, we emphatically speculate this film is going to kick ass.



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