Do you have too many cosmetics that have not been used up but have expired?
Don’t throw them away just yet, you can still take advantage of them.


Use expired toner to wipe phone screens

Toner usually contain a certain amount of alcohol to help eliminate bacteria effectively. So you can use toner to remove the dirt and bacteria clinging to devices such as computer keyboards, phone screens, etc.


Moisturizers contain moisturizing ingredients that helps increase elasticity and suppleness. So you can use expired cream to polish leather items like handbags, purses, leather shoes, etc. You only need a small cotton pad, dab it in the cream and then gently dab it on the surface of the shoes or bag and woah-la, they’ll become brand new!


Use loose powder as an effective dry shampoo

Loose powders often contain mineral to absorb moisture. Therefore, you can use it as a savior to improve sweat from armpits, palms, … Moreover, loose powder can also be used as a dry shampoo. Just use a little powder on the hair to absorb the oil, and you’ll have that clean fancy hair.


To temporarily cover tattoos or dark circles in the eyes, you can use red lipstick as an effective remedy. This hack may sound strange, but based on the principle of skin tone correction, the color of the lipstick can neutralize the tone of the blemish.


Expired makeup remover helps remove other stain as well

Makeup remover not only removes makeup but can also treat other types of dirt. It can dislodge the excess glue of a peeled sticker.


Coating jewelries with clear nail polish to keep them shiny

Not only does it make your nails shiny, glossy nail polish can also remove scratches from furniture. You can also take advantage of its special adhesion for DIY work (as a handy glue). With a light layer on the surface of your favorite glasses, the small screws will be fixed without falling off easily. You can also use clear nail polish to coat on jewelries in order to prevent them from being discolored.

Above are some hacks to take advantage of expired cosmetics. We wish you will apply those hacks successfully when needed!


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