Neverland – the villa designed as the fairy land of Michael Jackson – was abandoned and could not find any buyers.

Because of the scandals in the past, including allegations of child sexual harassment in Neverland, the site has been forgotten for more than a decade. Neverland has been completely vacant since Michael Jackson suddenly died back on June 25, 2009.

Neverland is 11 km2 wide, located in Santa Barbara, California. Michael Jackson bought the property in 1987 for $ 19.5 million. It was originally named Sycamore Valley estate but he changed it to Neverland after the fairy land in the story of Peter Pan. Michael spent millions more to build amusement parks, circuses, zoos … turning this place into a house full of laughter and amusement. Many children and colleagues were welcomed here to by Michael to attend in big parties.

During 15 years living in Neverland, Michael Jackson once married to singer Lisa Marie Presley here and welcomed three sons: Prince, Paris and Blanket. This wonderland has captured many beautiful memories of the heyday of the pop king and became a symbol of Santa Barbara, California.

However, at the end of 2003, Michael Jackson was accused of pedophilia and plan to kidnap. After Michael was arrested, police raided into the Neverland many times to find evidence. In 2005, he was found innocent by the court, but all the sad memories during that terrible time led Jackson to leave Neverland.

Michael and his three children moved to another mansion since 2005 after leaving the wonderland. Even so, the singer still hired caregivers to clean the old place. By 2008, because of debt, Michael had to transfer Neverland to Colony Capital for $ 23 million.

After Michael Jackson suddenly died, Colony Capital spent money to renovate the estate, expected to sell for a good price. In 2015, Neverland was sold for $ 100 million – an “exorbitant” price, but the company believes that there will be the rich who are crazy fans of the legend that want to own this place.

As the years went on, Neverland was not well received. In March 2019, the price was reduced to 31 million USD. The Leaving Neverland documentary aired early last year including strong allegations by two once-young children to Michael Jackson becoming a big shock to the public. The film told the story of two former dancers Wade Robson and James Safechuck about the past being sexually harassed by Michael Jackson at Neverland when they were 7 and 10 years old.

Michael Jackson – Fun at Neverland/ Source: manu gmz Youtube

“The fairy house” thus dropped price dramatically. And despite a 70% discount, Neverland still can’t find buyers. Real estate expert Michael Corbett said: “At first it was highly advertised in hopes of finding someone willing to spend money to own Michael Jackson’s house. Unfortunately now there are a lot of negative articles about the place, that makes people refuse to buy even though the price is good.”

The economic crisis this year because of Covid-19 has made this real estate more difficult to sell According to the Mirror, if Neverland could not find any buyer, it would face the risk of demolition and Michael Jackson’s once iconic house will only be a memory.


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