On June 26, Daniella Alvarez – Miss Colombia 2011 – has been discharged from hospital after tumor surgery and left leg amputation because of complications.

Daniella Alvarez was born on May 24, 1988, crowned Miss Colombia 2011. She represented the country to attend Miss Universe 2012, held in Las Vegas (USA) but did not achieve any achievement.

Then, she found out that there a strange tumor located under her left rib and has undergone three surgeries to remove it. But unfortunately, after that she had complications in arteries, leading to ischemia from the navel to the leg. Since then, Daniella had to amputate and install prosthetic limbs.

Daniella is talking picture with her brother before leaving the hospital. He said “Today is a wonderful day. We finally come back home.Thank God for keeping her strong and resilient”.
Daniella is taking pictures with the surgeons at Botogá.
Since the first day in hospital to the moment she left, Daniella usually shared photos. Many fans admired the beauty because of her positive energy as well as her determination.


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