The “X-Men” Cast reunion, which features James McAvoy and Sophie Turner, was a part of “Global Citizen: Unite For Our Future” benefit

On Saturday, the first generation of “X-Men” cast got together for a Zoom call, just to get interrupted by Ryan Reynolds and two other actors from the different generations of “X-Men”.

As a major aspect of the “Global Citizen: Unite For Our Future” benefit show, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Famke Janssen, and Patrick Stewart had a reunion on Zoom.

Jackman stated that “Honestly it’s kind of surreal you guys, I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since the first X-Men movie,” This sentence takes place not long before Reynolds sprung up on the Zoom chat for a surprise.

Jackman told Reynolds that “Ryan, the cast and I were all just reminiscing about the movie that we’re in together,” Although Reynolds does not show up in the first “X-Men” film in 2000, he was cast as a supporting character in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” in 2009. —

When Jackman delicately attempted to move Reynolds out of the get-together saying “See ya, Ryan”, the “Deadpool” star uncovered that he had additionally invited a couple of other actors from various “X-Men” films.

James McAvoy and Sophie Turner were both from “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”. At that point, they showed up and immediately left the Zoom chat, alongside the vast majority of the other first-generation actors.

Turner explained that “Oh sorry, I actually thought this was a Game of Thrones reunion. Bye!”

Next, Janssen stated that “I actually have a James Bond reunion Zoom now,”. In turn, Berry expressed, “Oh God me too,” before leaving the chat.

Then, McAvoy stated, “Split reunion,”. Finally, Stewart clarified, “Star Trek.”

Reynolds turned his eye to a disappointed Jackman and tended to him by his iconic character’s name, “Just you and me Logan, you know what that makes this a reunion for?”

In a surprise twist, Liev Schreiber shows up on the Zoom chat for only one second, responded to Reynolds’ inquiry, “X-Men Origins reunite!”

Sometime in the not too distant future the hard work of every global citizen will bring about a healthier, safer, more equitable world,” he said. “To all the first responders, essential workers and those fighting for racial justice: I stand in awe of your efforts this year and I stand with you.

Jackman concluded his appearance with a heartfelt message

Although the get-together was planned like that, Jackman summarized his appearance with a sincere message to the individuals who are battling on the forefronts of both the coronavirus and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Jackman’s conclusion to the Zoom reunion was that soon the difficult work of each worldwide resident will achieve a more beneficial, more secure, increasingly fair world. He also sends his love to all of the first responders, essential workers, and the protesters fighting against racial injustice. He feels overwhelmed by their endeavors this year and he remains with every single person he mentioned.

(Featured Image Source: from the video titled “X-Men Cast Reunites to Celebrate Everyday Superheroes | Global Goal: Unite for Our Future” on Global Citizen’s Youtube Channel)


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