A comparison that the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement throughout the globe is just like the famous 1960’s movement, the Civil Rights, in the United States is made by Steve Harvey.

Harvey, 63, made a speech on his show “STEVE on Watch” on Facebook Watch. He shared his opinion that the ongoing protests of the BLM movement will be remembered as one of the most tremendous since the 1960s’ Civil Rights in the US.

Kimberly Jones is an activist who is based in Atlanta. Jones is an NAACP Image Award Nominee. She was invited to “STEVE on Watch” on June 19 (or the Juneteenth).

Jones stated that she was not shocked that this occurred in addition to the pandemic.

Jones make an explanation that “Because people are always in the middle of the hustle and bustle, they’re always going, they have to work, they’re watching sports, they have all of this mental stimuli that allowed them to really sit down and process everything that’s happened in the country and in the community,”.

“And I think that on the back of pandemic, people actually sitting at home and having time to watch things instead of just flip through it on their phone, and watching how quickly we had so many cases back to back — Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, with George Floyd, and that 8 minutes and 46 seconds is so brutal that there’s no way you could grapple with that and not be upset. And I think that’s what triggered everything.”

Recently, one of Jones’ video about Black people’s history became trending on social media, and Harvey questioned her about what her opinion on today’s BLM movement.

Harvey explained to her that he is really angry about racism and he is also really upset with dealing with racism for his whole life.

“I think the only way something is going to come out of this is if we start making the necessary changes ourselves,” Jones said. “Because it’s been proven time and time again that we’re on our own. The saddest part about that is that racism is not a Black issue that white people need to empathize with. Racism is a white problem. They caused it. They need to fix it. But I don’t have faith anymore that that’s going to happen.”

“We’re going to have to dig deep and look at some of the ancestors that were able to be successful on their own,” Jones added. “And we’re going to have to borrow some of their tactics.”

Harvey spoke to Jones that he caught a glimpse of hope.

He stated that this was the first time in his life that he has witnessed white people feeling enraged about the racism and support the black people’s purpose and he also added that “pain always leaves a gift.”

He explained that at the moment in the quarantine period when the world was quiet, they saw what he and other black people saw every day.

(Featured Image source: Screen shot of a video on iamsteveharveytv’s Instagram)


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