Taylor Swift’s surprised album: TS8- “folklore”


As promised, Taylor Swift released the MV “cardigan” and the TS8 album “folklore” album at midnight.
“cardigan” – a lead single for “folklore” is a product that Taylor wrote, directed and filmed during the Covid-19.

folklore cover album

It can be seen that Taylor Swift has never failed to surprise us when she brought a dreamlike, majestic and mysterious MV even though it was made during social isolation. The song is also composed by the singer herself, with a gentle and earnest style, as expected of the genre of music throughout the “folklore” album.

The entire MV is Taylor Swift’s journey through many dreamy lands. In the end, both the audience and Taylor still didn’t know if everything was dream or real. It can be seen that Taylor has brought some very spectacular scenes by using VFX technology, making the audience seem to be lost in the magical land of Alice In Wonderland.

Taylor opened a portal to a different world…
A scene where Taylor is in the forest playing an old piano……
A scene where Taylor was floating in the middle of the ocean clinging to another piano…...

Besides, not only did she released albums on paid platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Taylor Swift also posted all 16 songs in the album “folklore” on YouTube channel. Not to mention, each song is made with a simple video lyrics, yet very subtle and suitable for each song. Most of the songs are gentle, with deep content, showing many aspects of Taylor Swift’s life and affection.

“folklore” comes with 8 different version for both CD and vinyl.


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